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Fall 2016 Pinnacle Newsletter



 Dear Pinnacle Homeowners:

 -  Financial Status:  We received a favorable report that on a line item basis, nearly all were within budget, with over $60,500 remaining in our general budget. It was noted that nearly 100% of our homeowners were current, which has been the history of our building, with their association fees. Those not current would be receiving notice per the established procedure set by the Board several years ago. The Proposed 2017 Annual Budget was discussed and it is the intent that there would not be an association dues increase while not jeopardizing the services currently provided.


-  Project Completions

- As previously reported, the building exterior painting/caulking project was put on hold. The contractor had scheduled a crane to be onsite to lift the swing stage the Thursday following Labor Day. Again we have been plagued, and continue to be, with rain storms moving throughout the last several weeks. Hopefully dry weather will soon allow the completion which is to only take a couple of days of rain free weather. Other than completing the ocean side and applying an additional coat of paint to the north and south ends of the building, there is considerable touch-up needed where there are paint drips.

- Once the painting has been completed, the stamped concrete will be resealed and the parking lots will be sealed and striped.

- The FOB system is being enhanced by placing key pads at the beach gate and main pool entrances, eliminating the need of carrying FOBS for those knowledgeable of the code, as previously explained. The FOBS will continue to work, however the Board is recommending, at your discretion, to inform those occupying your units with the code (2507#) for their convenience.  This code will be changed from time to time and everyone will be informed well in advance when this it would be happen.

-  After the first five years, now seven years old, the warranty provided by the manufacturer comes into play. GAF has approved Baker Roofing to make the repair. Wind has been getting underneath the rubber roof, lifting sections from the roof deck. Andy Baker, representative of Baker Roofing, visited the site and is making a determination to how best restore the functionality and preserve the integrity of the roof material. White Realty is in constant contact with him to get this completed.  We all agree it is been far too long and overdue!         

            -  The lobby push bars that were to have been replaced some time ago by a local vendor, has been turned over to Treasured Metal Works.

            -  The No-Hub, or furyelle replacements, project costs and installation is being explored with two other vendors due to the poor performance of the previous contractor.


Dryer Vent Cleaning: It has been decided that to insure the safety to all units, there will be a professional cleaning of all dryer vents, once in the fall and again in the spring.  This will be proceeded with an announcement by White Realty Management and posted in the lobby.


Window Screens: It was decided that because of deteriorated screens on some of the units being unsightly, those damaged screens would be removed and notification given to the unit owners. The screens will be placed in a closet within that unit. The unit owners will have the option of discarding them, or making arrangements personally or by contacting White Realty who will take care of the repair and add that cost to your billing.


Stairwells: The stairwell stairs are showing deterioration of the metal edges on the individual steps. A process of them being sanded, primed and painted will be explored.


Additional Picnic Table:  A second picnic table has been secured and will be located near the existing table on the pool patio area and a matching umbrella will be purchased. The location of these was discussed. Initially, they will be placed parallel with the grilling area which is being relocated where there had been some shrubbery near the north fence and be placed on a finished patio pavers area.


Building Web Site: Wayne White explained that he prepares information for web sites for the buildings they manage/ In the very near future he will prepare one for the Pinnacle that will include; meeting minutes, rules, regulations, our master deed, and building regulations


Mailboxes:  The possibility of having mailboxes provided for individual unit owners was asked to be considered. This will need further exploration, determining possible location and pricing.


Elevator Sill Replacement:  The primary cause for the north elevator getting stuck on the 4th floor has been perceived that the entrance sill located there has begun to warp, sometimes interfering with the door closing. Since Thyssen Krupp serviced it recently, it has not been a problem.  This will be monitored and if needed, will be replaced.


Board Member Replacement:  With the unfortunate and truly unexpected loss of our Board Member, Robert Ewing, better known as Bobby to all of us and many of those having visited the Pinnacle over a number of years, Jerry Waslenko (Unit 101) was unanimously approved by the Board.


Landscaping Committee / Garden Club:  All us knowing the great pride Bobby had in the beautification of the building and his love of doing it, the Board believed it fitting that a committee be formed of volunteers to perpetuate his devotion to that end. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact a board member and make your intention known.


Annual Meeting Luncheon:  As we did last year, we will have a luncheon for homeowners following our Annual Meeting.  This will be a catered event with tables and chairs provided. Beverages of water and a variety of soft drinks will be available.  If anyone wishes to bring other beverages it is at their pleasure. This will begin at approximately 1 o’clock, pending the timely conclusion of our meeting, and weather permitting will be on the pool patio area, or under the building if there is inclement weather.


Memorial:  The family of Bobby Ewing has asked, and was granted permission, to participate at the Annual Luncheon.  Mrs. Belinda Ewing and her family wish to have a small but special memorial service for Robert (Bobby) Ewing for those gathered prior to the beginning of the luncheon, including a contribution of flowers in his memory.


Respectfully submitted,


Ron Aungst, Sr.

President, Pinnacle HOA


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